Launching New Fronx

Mohammed Jalal & Sons Co. unveils the new generation of the popular Suzuki model.

Mohamed Jalal & Sons Automotive Division, the exclusive agent representing the Suzuki automotive brand in the Kingdom of Bahrain, proudly unveiled the highly anticipated Suzuki Fronx on Thursday, September 28, 2023, at City Mall, with the presence of Mr. Jamal Al-Sayed, General Manager of the Automotive Division.

This remarkable car epitomizes sophistication and economy, offering a delightful escape from the ordinary with its distinctive and youthful design.

The front of the Suzuki Fronx boasts gleaming chrome accents, front and rear LED lighting, stylish 16-inch chrome sports wheels, a cutting-edge 360-degree camera system, and a luxurious cloth interior with a modern technology information screen that seamlessly connects to smartphones through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

This new model comes equipped with an array of advanced safety features and modern amenities. Its smart hybrid four-cylinder engine, with a 1.5-litre capacity, ensures exceptional fuel efficiency, complemented by an automatic transmission and an ESP electronic brake distribution system.

In the midst of the ongoing transformation in the transportation sector, the Fronx model emerges as an ideal choice for families seeking comfort, economy, and affordability, thanks to its competitive pricing.

The Suzuki Fronx is available in a range of captivating colours at our showrooms. To experience a test drive, please do not hesitate to contact Muhammad Jalal and Sons Company through the following numbers: 17 707070 or 17 700800

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