Jimny 5 Doors

Striking design and performance- the all new Suzuki Jimny 5 Doors has arrived in Bahrain.

The launch event was held at the Mohamed Jalal and Sons showroom in Ma’ameer (Sole agent for Suzuki). The Event was attended by Mr. Ahmed Jalal- Director, Mr. Jamal Al-Sayed- General Manager, Staff members and other distinguished guests.

Jimny has continuously evolved to become the pinnacle of Suzuki’s SUV lineup and boasts an artful blend of dignified design and visionary technology. This exceptional SUV represents the epitome of adventure, ruggedness and versatility in one irresistible package.

Announcing the Launch of the Jimny, Mr. Ahmed Jalal-Director said, “We are privileged to introduce the legendary Jimny now in 5Doors, a symbol of adventure, into the Bahrain market. With its timeless design and exceptional off-road capabilities powered by Suzuki’s ALLGRIP PRO (4WD) technology, the Jimny has been breaking stereotypes for over 5 decades since its global debut in 1970. The launch of Jimny (5-door) marks an exhilarating milestone in our SUV portfolio. We are delighted with the response it has received from both prospective customers and critics alike. We are confident that Jimny will empower customers to explore uncharted territories and power through all obstacles.”

Kindly visit our Showrooms located in Khamis or in Mameer for Test drives and for any further information’s. Tel: Khamis- 17700800 Sitra- 17707070

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